03 April 2015


We, African Diaspora Forum ( ADF ), a federation of African Migrants community including some South Africans, working to foster Social cohesion in fighting Xenophobia, are very concerned about the ongoing Xenophobic attacks in South Africa and the statements made recently by some community leaders which fueled those attacks in some areas such as Kwazulu Natal.

It is regrettable that we are worried about incident of this nature a month before the Africa month, while we supposed to start thinking and planning on how to celebrate our unity in diversity. We are coming from far as African people, our history is made of slavery, colonialism, oppression and discrimination. This should inform the way we are paving our future aimed to promote human dignity.


We are urging:

African Union;

• To include Xenophobia discussion part of the agenda of the upcoming 25th AU Summit which will be held in South Africa in July this year

South Africa Government:

• To condemn boldly the xenophobic attacks and anyone making hate speech in public,

• To make sure all Migrants are well protected, especially those under international protection such refugees and Asylum Seekers

• To educate South Africans citizen about migration

• To foster actively the agenda of Social Cohesion

• The South African chapter 9 institutions should work with different communities in making sure that there is rule of laws, the respect of human right for all and any anyone should be accountable for wrong doing.

Embassies :

• To use all diplomatic means in making sure that their citizens are safe & well protected in South Africa.

• To actively work with South African government to prevent Xenophobia.


• To be more pro-active in protecting Refugees and Asylum Seekers in using international instruments to implement the three sustainable solutions ( 1. Integration to the hosting country, 2. Voluntary repatriation to the country of  origin and 3. Resettlement to a third country)


• To allocate significant resources; this will enable to address Xenophobia in South Africa.

• To embark on with sustained education campaign on Migration

NGOs :

• To come up with a networking and coordinated strategies and action to fight Xenophobia and to assist the Victims of Xenophobia

Migrants Communities:

• Remain calm, vigilant, informed and organized in liaising with the community leaders and law enforcement agents;

• To respect South African laws and regulations by all means

• To alert and report any xenophobic attacks to our Hotline ( 0842742844)

South Africans Citizen:

• To align themselves to the values of Pan Africanism, humanity/UBUNTU;

• To not identify themselves in following some irresponsible leaders who are using the ignorance of some people in the community to push their personal  agenda

• To refrain from any Xenophobic attacks


• To raise community awareness about the positive contribution of a well managed migration system.

• To refrain in publishing Hate speeches aimed to break harmony in our society

Churches :

• To promote tolerance, harmony and peace in their different congregations.

• To be the leaders of their different communities in working to foster Social Cohesion

Traditional leaders:

• To unite the community in aligning them to our African values of UBUNTU. They are the custodians of our African values, culture and traditions.


• The department of Education should come up with a curriculum which will educate our kids about good morale and family values, African history and to be responsible and active citizens.


For more info contact: africandiasporaforum@gmail.com 011 487 0269

 After working hours:

Marc Gbaffou 083 514 7367 (marcgbaffou@gmail.com)  or

Jean-Pierre A. Lukamba 0838751256 ( refugeesa@gmail.com )

Warmest Regards

Jean-Pierre A. Lukamba Om.




Tel: +27 11 487 0269

Cel. +27 83 875 1256

Fax No.: +27 86 766 2227

Our website :www.adf.org.za



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