Bandile Mdlalose

For the past weeks it have been very difficult for the migrants who live in Durban.

A few days just after the Kings statement, migrants in Durban started to be beaten up, with South Africans saying that the King said they must go.

This led to the Black Easter Holidays for the non-South Africans who had to be saved by the police, in giving them safe accommodation at the police station. About 300 non South Africans (men, woman and children) had to be moved in Isipingo Beach Ground which is secured by the police. On the very same place of safety, woman has been complaining by the mistreatment they receiving from the woman police, and had to be stopped by other men police. It was quite disturbing to learn that other woman can mistreat other woman. Whereas woman knows the pain that woman are going through, the pain of sleeping outside with your child. It becomes worse as the environment they are staying at is not healthy and safe. Woman are traumatised with the whole situation, children are shivering from what they saw as some of them were also beaten up with their parents. The trauma that woman and children have suffered is uncalled for.

It has been reported that these attacks are continuing in all over Durban. Monday in New Germany informal settlement non South Africans have been chased out and had to sleep in Sydenham and yesterday night similar incidents happened and Sydenham police station had to intervene. When I went to the police station this morning the police were busy with other incidents that occurred yesterday and seeking support for shelter to provide the non-south Africans.

Further than that, also rumours that non South Africans have shot two South Africans in Kennedy road. So far no one has confirmed this as true beside the continuation of rumours. The fear of these rumours if it not true, it might be an attempt to attack in Kennedy Road.

As I took of the taxi from Sydenham and town, it is the talk of everyone that Non South Africans must go. This has become a song that is sang in every place that they must go. An old granny said “These people must go, our children are suffering of unemployment due to them. They come with drugs and lot of crime, they are now even killing us with their untreated diseases.”

When you ask around why all these attacks, the only answer they give is that the King said they must go, so we have to do as the King said. However one questions where was the Kings statement when this begin in the Johannesburg? Where was the king in Inchanga when non South Africans were shot and the Mayor had to go and support? This Kings statement is just used as a tool to fight their own dirty battles.

I personally dispute that these attacks are started by the Kings statement, but on the other hand yes the Kings statement perpetrated to an already started fire. However I really wish to know as the King continues to refuse to withdraw his statement, if he still stands by it. Does he knows that this statement of “Foreigners must go” does he also refers to his wife that must go? It has been known that King Goodwill Zwelithini’s wife no. 6 is a Zwazi woman.

Does his statement also flow to her, or it only goes to those who are not associated with the King. I always have high respect for the King as a traditional woman. I have always been proud at the education he is giving our youth to take care of their bodies. However I don’t think I will look the King in the very same eye I was looking at. Which leader spills petrol in the fire and sit back as if nothing happened. What kind of a leader who is silence when the bloodshed every day and accusations of the bloodshed is under his statement. What is so difficult for him to withdraw his statement? Does his pride over shadow his judgement that he cannot even see that the country is dying in his statement. I am disappointed in him; I am even ashamed of my own tradition, if traditional leaders can speak such and be proud of it.

I am also concerned by the Presidents silence in this whole scenario. If I was him, I would be calling for peace because I will remember that I once married to a woman of Mozambique Kete Mantsho and also have a Fiancé in Swaziland.

This means basically that if South African men cries that non south Africans are taking their wives, should we also be crying that non South Africans woman are taking our husbands?

This is uncalled for. This therefore calls for the President to intervene and a strong call for King Goodwill Zwelithini to withdraw his statement to show a good leadership. If not this means that they enjoy that blood flowing every day in this country.

My biggest fear is war in this country, from violence to riot and to war.

Let us unite and stand against King Goodwill Zwelithini statement.

Ms. Bandile Mdlalose
Community Justice Movement (President)
+27 73 397 7853


One thought on “A call for King Goodwill Zwelithini to withdraw his statement

  1. Whether or not the king meant I legal immigrant, in his capacity as the leader knowing that the fire was burning he should not publicly say such a statement. We cannot afford to fight fire with fires In this scenario I would expect a leader to use a different method to tacle the situation. Look at the amount of damage that has been caused by a simple statement! Not taking away the fact that the fire was already burning but it doesnt justify him making it worse. The government has a system in place meant for this kind of situation. Why not enforce the system to do it work hence he has so much influence to trigger brutal attack. Is our children being taught to resolve with war? Are we saying our country is the country that spills blood due to racism if so why our great leader said South Africa is rainbow nation? Well done Miss Mdlalose keep your voice speaking up


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