9 Apr 2015 4:12 PM

KwaZulu Natal:King Goodwill Zwelithini must publicly apologise for his xenophobic statements and not just withdraw them, Community Justice Movement said on Thursday.

Zwelithini made the statement in Pongola last month, stating that “all foreigners should pack their bags and go back home”.

Although Prince Thulani Zulu told the Durban-based daily newspaper that the statement had been “lost in translation”, and that a meeting would be held to stop xenophobic violence, the movement believes this will not be useful.

The president for the movement Bandile Mdlalose disagreed, and demanded that the king should apologise. She said the king owed the foreign nationals an unconditional apology, and should have the courage to admit to his indiscretion.

“A press statement will not do justice to the king’s indiscretion. You cannot beat me up and then expect to go to my mother to apologise when I have been affected,” Mdlalose said.

She said the king needed to approach the foreigners that were affected and apologise to them. “The people need to see that there is solidarity between the king and the foreigners,” she said.

“As I speak I am standing in front of nearly 600 Zimbabweans that have been chased out and attacked. The king needs to call a meeting in and publicly withdraw his statement.

If the king withdraws his statement, he will be showing the he is promoting peace,” she said.She said if the statement was not withdrawn,” this might not help to end xenophobic attacks”.


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