Conference on Socialism
16 -17 April 2015

We delegates at the Conference for Socialism, from no less than 11 socialist political parties, the United Front, Numsa Central Committee, left and socialist intellectuals and academics and observers do condemn unreservedly, the xenophobia which has flared up in the country.

This Conference for Socialism correctly identifies capitalism as the source of the violence in poor and working class communities. Further, we blame the ANC government’s neoliberal capitalist policies for the worsening conditions of the working class and the poor.

We condemn in the strongest terms any attempts at rationalizing and justifying the violence such as “foreigners take our jobs”, “foreigners commit crimes”, “foreigners take our women” and all such irrational and false arguments. No human being deserves to be treated inhumanly and violently!

We also reject the demand for an end to immigration.

We condemn the capitalist bosses who pit workers against each other by supper exploiting workers from outside South Africa whom they employ at extremely low wages. We call upon all workers to join trade unions in order to stop the bosses from supper exploiting and dividing the working class.

We call upon all our members and structures to campaign in the workplaces and communities for an end to these deadly attacks and to do everything possible to build unity. Let us never forget the solidarity and support we received in the struggle against apartheid from the people of the world and from Africa in particular.

The Conference demands that no one must make inflammatory and xenophobic statements. We make this demand especially to all those holding positions of leadership in our country.

We call for solidarity among the working class and poor communities: we are all victims of capitalism and we can only solve our problems if we unite and confront the capitalist class. We must never turn our anger at other suffering people, but come together to overcome the real problems we face together.

We reject the position that says small traders from outside South Africa are the cause of these problems. These are victims juts like all of us, of the capitalist sytem.

The strongest weapon in the armory of the oppressed – both workers and small business owners – is unity and solidarity against the capitalist system which is responsible for the levels of poverty, unemployment and inequalities and who profits from the misery of the poor and will always celebrate disunity and conflict within our ranks.

We also condemn the ANC’s assertion – that this crisis is the result of ‘Afrophobia’, despite the number of victims who are also from Asia – and the outrageous proposal by its Secretary-General that the problem can be resolved by building mass concentration camps for displaced people, which would turn them into prisoners.

We call upon the trade unions and other formations to mobilise their members together with those under attack to fight against the triple scourge of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

We therefore call upon all federations, trade unions and organisations to join us on the streets of Johannesburg on Thursday 23 April 2015 to say this is where we support our sisters and brothers and say that we demand a society where all have jobs and security.

There is a solution to the problem of xenophobia, poverty, unemployment and extreme inequalities: it is socialism. We can achieve socialism if we unite and fight the capitalist system.

We the working class do not own any country!

Workers own no country, workers of the world unite!


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