Comrades and colleagues

There will be a march on Thursday 23rd April from 1pm to protest against the xenophobia that is raging through our country at the moment. The march will start at Pieter Roos Park, Empire Road in Parktown, Johannesburg.

Called by People’s Coalition Against Xenophobia, an initiative of The Nine Plus Unions and Friends.

The march is supported by, amongst others (in alphabetical order):
African Diaspora Forum
Equal Education
Medicins sans Frontieres
Sonke Gender Justice
The Nine Plus Unions and Friends (including Zwelenzima Vavi)
United Front
Wits University SRC
More are expected to join over the next few hours and days.

Awethu! encourages all social justice organisations and activists to join this march and help to make it a powerful statement against xenophobia and against the underlying conditions of inequality, poverty and poor living conditions bedeviling our country at the moment.

It is important to do more than march, though. All those who believe in social justice should be standing up in their communities and saying: “No! Not in our name!” and working actively to discourage attacks on foreign nationals wherever these take place. What’s more, we must continue to put pressure on all key roleplayers – government, big business especially – to address the socio-economic challenges facing the poor and vulnerable.

We must pressurise government to listen and to respond. And we must make it clear that we are not asking them to do us a favour, we are not begging for handouts. We are demanding what is our right, in terms of the constitution and in line with the basic principles of democracy – equal participation in the drafting of policies and programmes which address socio-economic development in the country and in the implementation of those policies to ensure that they are carried out in the interests of the people and that implementation is free of all forms of corruption and cronyism.

We have sent this email to all Awethu! contacts in Gauteng, North West, Free State, Mpumalanga and Limpopo in the belief that there are activists in all five provinces who would want to join this march, especially those in the other four provinces that live reasonably close to Gauteng. There will be no bussing in of people from those provinces, at least not organised by Awethu!. Activists are encouraged to make means to get here to be part of this march. If you cannot, then see what you can do in your own community, your own region, your own province. Xenophobia is not confined to Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal. In the last few days, there have been reports of incidents in virtually every province. We are all affected, we are all involved.

See you at the march. A social injustice to one is a social injustice to all!

Maurice and Thuli

Pass this message on. Mobilize don’t mourn. No to Xenophobia : Workers of the World Unite! PASS ON!


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