3 Members

Who should make up the UF? What should its class composition be? How broad can we go? What about the role of unions? And NGOs? Academics and professionals? And the role of political parties? Should we cater for individual members?

3.1 All those who agree and accept the vision, aims, mission, principles, programme and affiliate duties and obligations of the UF should be allowed to join.

3.2 The core social base, engine and locomotive of the UF should be exploited, oppressed and marginalized people – primarily employed workers, informal/atypical workers and the unemployed in both urban and rural areas, as well as women and youth.

3.3 Mass organisations of the oppressed and exploited should be the main organisational expression of affiliation to the UF. These include trade unions, social movements, civics, women’s organisations, student and youth organisations, and other membership-based organisations of the mass of the people.

3.4 Faith-based organisations, NGOs, organisations of academics and professionals, and other progressive membership-based organisations may also join the UF as affiliates/members. This should not dilute the working class mass character and orientation of the UF. Such organisations should not be allowed to use their social and financial power to dilute this basic character and orientation.

3.5 Critical caution against the use of UF membership and positions as a basis for opportunistic individualistic/personal interests: Affiliation to, and positions in the UF should not be used as a basis for opportunistic, divisive, sectarian and other unconstructive ndividualistic/personal/political interests; and

3.6 The bourgeoisie should not be part of the United Front, though there needs to be further debate as to who constitutes the bourgeoisie.

3.7Areas for further debate:

3.7.1 Whether political parties or political groups should be allowed to join as full members of the UF;

3.7.2 Whether individuals should be members of the UF;

3.7.3 Whether bogosi/mahosi/iinkosi should be allowed to join the UF;

3.7.4 The place of those progressive individual activists purged or isolated from political parties in the UF;

3.7.5 Whether individuals may join the UF directly as members.

3.7.6 The structure of the United Front at various levels (from the most basic level up to the national  level);

3.7.7 The roles, powers and functions of various structures of the UF; and

3.7.8 The nature of membership and/or affiliation – powers, rights, roles, responsibilities, duties and obligations of members and/or affiliates;

3.7.9 Clarifying which sections of business people may be allowed to join the UF given that this category may be considered to range from small operators of taxis, spaza shops and other small businesses all the way to the level of big multi-national corporations.


One thought on “3 Members

  1. Please open the membership to the individuals because some other people of this country do not belong to any Union but very much interested to join United Front.


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