The Assembly was divided into 6 Commissions which all discussed the same 7 questions below.

Each Commission had a Chairperson and a Scribe who collectively formed the Drafting Committee of the Assembly together with the United Front Coordinator.

The reports from the 6 Commissions were synthesised and consolidated into one document. That synthesis contains the agreed set of perspectives, proposals and actions, and also outlines a process for ongoing reflection, debate and envisaged future actions.

In addition to the synthesis report, the Drafting Committee also developed the Declaration that was adopted by the Assembly’s closing plenary session. That Declaration served as the main public statement of the Assembly.

The common questions for each commission were:

1 What should be the aims/objectives of the United Front (UF)?

2 What should constitute the minimum principles of the UF? And what should its political orientation be? Should it be socialist?

3 Who should make up the UF? What should its class composition be? How broad can we go? What about the role of unions? And NGOs? Academics and professionals? And the role of political parties? Should we cater for individual members?

4 In addition to local and provincial campaigns, what national campaigns can we take up as a UF early in 2015 up to the proposed launch from the 25-27 April 2015 that will unite us, have a mass appeal and popularize the UF?

5 What should the approach of the UF be on electoral politics? What should the UF’s stance be on 2016 and 2019 elections?

6 What should the structure of the UF be? Nationally, provincially and locally? What should be the autonomy of affiliates, the role of area-based UF structures, etc.?

7 What are your commission’s views on the proposal for a National Working Committee (NWC)? What are the terms of reference or tasks for the NWC? Who are your recommended names for the NWC, if agreed?


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