National Working Committee

United Front – National Working Committee
16 & 17 January 2015
Vincent Mabuyakhulu Centre, Johannesburg

  • Aims and Approach of the NWC
    Profile the United Front
    Build unity within United Front
    Win new allies
    Educate constituency about the United Front
    Expose the policies/ logic behind the National budget
    A focused campaign
    Strong United Front “Campaign” without side-lining other specific/ sectorial campaigns
    A campaign that will take us beyond the National Budget day
    Target campaigns or activities that are winnable
    Identify organisations that are already working with the issues of discussion
  • Individual organisations relationship with United Front – Role and contributions
    Numsa – 13 Numsa organisers to help the build-up of the United Front
    IAMASA – Ensuring that the UF stands by its principals
    Democracy from Below – 4 DFB Organisers to help build up UF
  • Pre-Launch campaigns
    Summary of campaigns (Attached to Synthesis Report 6 page 9)
  • Road Map to Launch
    Attached (United Front road map)
  • Areas of discussion in Provinces and to be reported back on the next NWC
    In building up a strong foundation and strengthening the relationship between workers and communities, a strong proposal was made postpone the UF Launch to June. However provinces need to approve before announcing.

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