NWC Report 16-17 January 2015

National Working Committee Report

On 16-17 January the NWC had it first meeting held in Vincent Mabuyakhulu Conferencr Centre.

On 05 the United Front had it National Assembly where it elected in interim NWC who are as follows:
Zakhi Achmat
John Appolis
Rev. James Fatuse
Jara Mazibuko
Ronnie Kastrils
Kwezilomso Mbandazayo
Dinga Sikwebu
Zanoxolo Wayile
Bandile Mdlalose
Cynthia Machaba

In addition to the interim NWC, there was also the addition for the Provincial representative who are as follows:
Abraham Agulhus- Western Cape
Shaheen Khan – North West
Elvis Komane – Mpumalanga
Siyabonga Mbuqe – Gauteng
Michael Rasikhinya – Limpopo
Thokozile Sefumba –Free State
Patrick Dondolo – Northern Cape
Gcina Makhoba – KwaZulu Natal
Lungile Mxube – EasternCape

The key tasks that was given to the NWC by the Preparatory Assembly (PA) was defined as follows:

  • Implementation of the decision of the UF-PA
  • Developing and implementing a road map to the launch of the Front
  • Facilitation of discussion in UF structures and affiliating organisation in preparation for the launch – in particular on the debates issues and questions that the PA could not complete
  • Setting the UF on a firm organisation basis.

The attached Consolidated Synthesis Report (Annexure A). On the report there were some removals in some paragraphs (3.2.1, 3.2.7 and 3.3.1. (More on the synthesis report is attached on the minutes (Annexure B1).

In the meeting it was discussed the individual relationship with the UF role and contributions. The contributions of organisation and role are as follows:

  • NUMSA : Release 13 members from it organisation to support the building up of the UF. Within the 13 members, 2 will be full-time and 12 will work part-time on 50% basis (This will be decided with Numsa Regions)
  • Numsa will the discussion on how it makes financial contribution to the UF.
  • Democracy From Below: Will make financial contribution to the UF launch, which they will decide by the end of January on the amount it will contribute. It will further contribute with four of its organisers on a part-time 50% basis to help build up UF.
  • IDAMASA : Offered to provide a moral support and guidance in the building up of the UF. Its ministers will further serve as foot soldiers to the UF process and IDAMASA platforms will be available for the UF work and speakers.

The pre-launch campaigns and organising strategy are as follows:

  • 25 February 2015 – National Budget Day: Focus on the budget through proposed actions.
  • 21 March 2015 – Human Rights Day: Focus on police brutality linking with the history of the Sharpville day.
  • 27 April 2015 – Freedom Day : a proposal of South Africa we want campaign based on the NWC two suggestions of scenarios on the attached Road Map to Launch.

More on the pre-launch is on the attached minutes (page 5-11) and also on the attached Road Map to Launch attached (Annexure C)

Within the road map there were two options which are laid out in depth in Annexure C and other issues to be taken to provincial structures, which needs to be taken to the provincial structure to discuss also with their affiliates and get mandate. These two options are regarding the issue of the launch, which are briefly highlighted below.

First option: 24-27 April 2015 launch as endorsed in the PA with the 1-day extension.

Second Option: 13-16 June 2015 for the launch:

27 April reclaim from below and use the day to start up a campaign “South Africa we want campaign”

May Day/Workers month used as workers mobilisation towards the launch.

The other discussion to be taken to the provincial is the issue of gender balance which was raised on the minutes Annexure B1 (page 15, 8.2)

An additional of the youth highlighted on minutes Annexure B1 (page 14-15, 8.1 – 8.1.4)

As the NWC it have recognised the issue of moral support to provinces which the NWC have brought it down into clusters and the convenors to support the provinces on minutes Annexure B1 (page 17, 8.13.1 – 8.12.3)

While moving towards the activeness of the UF and its campaigns it was strongly advised that provinces must develop and implement targets for fundraising for the upcoming campaign on 25 February action and launch. In considering the fundraising as the term is too broad it is advised that the provinces can fundraise in the following with it autonomy:

Provinces can fundraise independently through business people, shops, individuals etc, but the money fundraised be deposited in the NWC for accountability and can claim if from the NWC financial committee.

If provinces wish to write to donors or anything that might require contracts, therefore that can be made through the NWC financial committee.

Next meeting for the NWC to five provincial report is 28 January 2015.


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