Glebelands hit in Umbilo

Pina Temba of Glebelands Hostel was killed in hit at Chester Meats behind China Mall in Umbilo at around 5am Friday 5 June. He was on his way to work and was shot in the head in a similar manner to that used on Sipho Ndovela who was gunned down at the entrance to Umlazi Court on Monday 18 May.

Pina’s name was reportedly on the hit list and he’d recently received telephonic death threats from a cell number he’d reported to the police and others. No arrests yet. It is understood the SAPS Provincial Task Team now assigned to the Glebelands killings will handle the case once a docket has been opened at Umbilo SAPS.

Pina was a good man. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Pina was the 30th person slaughtered by the hostel killers.

The death toll has now reached 30 at Glebelands Hostel since March 2014. Less than 6 months into 2015, the community has lost 13 members – 13 families are now without breadwinners. The community is burying a comrade on average every 2 weeks. National government is yet to respond to our pleas for intervention and Provincial SAPS is dragging it’s feet. And the killing continues.

Meanwhile the community – which has a 75% unemployment rate – is desperately trying to bury it’s dead. Most of the deceased are from the Eastern Cape and repatriation of the remains is extremely costly. Two recent victims have not yet been buried because the families and community cannot collect sufficient funds to bring home their deceased.

On average, each funeral costs R7000 for the barest essentials. Funerals alone have cost this poor community almost R100 000 to date.

Because of constant death threats and the risks involved in traversing the no-go zones to use public transport, many of the few who were working, have been forced to resign, just to stay alive. Others have been forced from their rooms and their belongings plundered or burnt – livelihoods have been destroyed. At home in the rural areas, victims’ families are now starving. The socioeconomic impact of the killings on this community is immeasurable. Trauma counselling is urgently needed by those who are willing to go into the hostel and help alleviate the suffering. Legal costs continue to mount and many community members are now heavily indebted. Free legal aid is often neither accessible nor sufficient for those against whom seemingly fabricated charges have been brought. The state has failed Glebelands in every respect.

We are pleading for anyone who may be able to assist with donations or counselling to contribute to the Right2Know account (details below and on the R2K website) or contact Vanessa Burger regarding counselling. Please kindly consider forwarding this plea to others who may like to help. Please help us bring pressure to bear on government to stop the killing and assist those affected by the year long violence.

R2K urges civil society and religious community to take a collective stand and call on the government to ‘STOP THE KILLINGS’ and to donate for affected families and legal fees.

Donations may be made to this account:
Account holder: The Right 2 Know
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 07 022 865 5
Branch Code: 020909
Reference: Glebelands

Ignore the right2know, and you ignore the right2live. We call for eyes on these issues, and this community.

Many thanks, especially to the Right2Know Campaign for their continued support and solidarity.

Vanessa Burger

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Traditional Healer’s Room Petrol Bombed

9 May 2015


At around 23h00 last night, 8 May 2015, another attempt was made on the life of Thembelani Patrick Shozi, the traditional healer who has, over the past month, survived over five attempts on his life for refusing to pay protection money to the thugs who rule with impunity at Glebelands Hostel. These men from Block 52, well-known to residents, human rights defenders, the media and the police, and hold this community in a deadly grip of terror with their constant acts of violence and crimes in other areas.

Since 12 April they have been hunting Shozi, shooting at him inside his building, following him and firing at the public transport on which he has been travelling with no regard for the lives of innocent bystanders. Twice he has missed death at pointblank range when ambushed by the killers.

Last night, while Shozi was performing a traditional ceremony for a local family, he received a message that the gunmen from Block 52 had returned to his building. The thugs arrived, this time, during a power outage, and while firing blindly in the darkness inside the building, they reportedly mistook his room, and set alight the door of a neighbour’s home, terrifying the children who were sleeping inside at the time. They also vandalized the burglar guards of Shozi’s room.

The police were called, who in turn refused to enter the building without back up. Shozi had by then joined them. While standing outside Block 42, at least five more shots were heard inside the building. The police reportedly remained outside the building while the thugs petrol bombed his door to gain access to his room. His clothes were allegedly thrown from the window and together with his valuable medicines, desecrated and later burnt. Shozi could do nothing but watch as all his possessions were destroyed or carried away.

Since April 2014, well over a hundred people have been internally displaced like Shozi was last night. It seems the police cannot and will not act against these thugs who reputedly use official-issue firearms and ammunition with which to undertake their deadly operations.

We must therefore ask: who supplies these guns? Why have the police failed to arrest the ringleaders? What has become of the SAPS duty to serve and protect ALL citizens? What has happened to the rule of law?

Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka once stated: “The man dies in all those that keep silent in the face of tyranny.”

Members of the media are therefore urged to hurry to Block 42, speak to the community and witness for themselves the terrible aftermath of a further night of violence as yet another community leader is dispossessed during the utter break down of law and order at Glebelands Hostel.

In a state of anarchy, all that is left are the voices of the people.


Thembelani Patrick Shozi (Glebelands resident): 0726462062
Vanessa Burger (Human Rights / Social Justice Activist): 0828477766