United Front postpones launch


January 29 2015 at 12:46pm
By Amy Musgrave

Johannesburg – The newly-formed United Front’s (UF) launch has been postponed till June, its national working committee said on Thursday.

UF co-convenor Kwezilomoso Mbandazayo told reporters that they needed more time attract members and ensure that the launch was not driven from the top down.

To do so the UF would hold a number of campaigns over the next few months, including its own State of the Nation Address the day before President Jacob Zuma delivers his speech next month.

“Our demands on the budget are informed by the fact that the ANC government sticks to a set of policies that are failing to address the systematic and structural foundations and drivers of dire social and economic conditions that face the overwhelming majority of our people.

“The South African government puts profits first before people and the environment,” she said.

The front would also hold a national conference to address the country’s education crisis as well as a meeting by civil society to hammer out what solutions there are to the electricity crisis.

The launch will take place in Gauteng.

Group Labour Editor